Brooke: Amb. Infusion Mgr.

December 30, 2015—Today, we had the opportunity to chat with Brooke. She’s been with Cheyenne Regional for a little over 9 years and is currently the Interim Manager for the Ambulatory Infusion Clinic. Brooke has such a kind heart and warm demeanor. She is so pleasant to work with and brings a lot of joy to her patients and coworkers at the Cancer Center! She told us a bit about her experience being a nurse and working at Cheyenne Regional.

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“When I first graduated from nursing school I wasn’t quite sure what department I wanted to be in, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that my heart is in oncology. Our patients amaze me every day! So many of them have a long road ahead with a lot of bumps along the way, but the majority of our patients have an amazing spirit and are appreciative of the smallest things—a hug, a smile, or taking just a few minutes to ask how they are doing can make their day. I love knowing that some patients actually look forward to coming to their appointments because we give such good care here and they think of us as family.

Cheyenne Regional has provided me with great opportunities to advance my career. I started out as a staff nurse, worked as a charge nurse for several years, and have recently moved into a leadership position. I learn something new every day and I am working with a great group of people that will help me along the way.”

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