Beth: Billing Manager

January 28, 2015—Meet Beth. She works as the Ambulatory Services Billing Manager for CRMG. Her sense of humor and lighthearted personality makes her the perfect person for her job!

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“There are a number of reasons I like working in billing. It’s important to me that we make sure we’re billing and collecting as accurately as possible — we know that’s BIG for our patients. I also love numbers and my background is in accounting. This department assures that everyone in our organization stays financially stable.

I’ve been here (at CRMG) for three and a half years. I was previously employed by a clinic that has since been purchased by Cheyenne Regional. I was a practice manager at the time and my job changed very significantly. My responsibilities shifted and we had more resources than we knew what to do with! I went from managing one clinic to managing two clinics, and was then chosen as a lead for the Epic go-live. This past fall, I was asked to use my practice management experience paired with my billing experience to try to close the gaps in our billing processes and communication.

The growth and educational opportunities here are great, and I just really like a lot of the people we work with!”

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