Becky: Practice Manager

October 15, 2014—Meet Becky. She’s the Practice Manager for both the Weight Loss Center and Summit Spine & Neurosurgery. Despite her busy schedule, she always maintains a positive, winning attitude, and she’s a pleasure to work with!

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“Ultimately, I’m a nurse by training and I like patient care. But from a practice management standpoint, I like supporting the care providers and seeing the impact they have on our patients. As far as Cheyenne Regional goes, I was actually born here when it was still Memorial Hospital! Working here is rewarding. The opportunities for professional growth are abundant. I started working here in admissions and CRMC sent me to nursing school. I started working in the bariatric clinic after school, and after about 6 months I wanted to get into management and I grew from there. There are a lot of resources here to help with development and there are great mentorship opportunities.”

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