Andy: Human Resources

September 30, 2015—We present another feature in the “Why Do You Work Here?” Wednesday series! Meet Andy. He works in the HR department and has been with Cheyenne Regional for three years.

Andy WDYWHW photo template

“In my role as a business partner, I get to help develop leaders. I enjoy that part the most. It’s rewarding to see the people I work with succeed in their current roles, and then move into roles with greater responsibility. I build relationships with employees that sometimes feel like they have no one else to talk to about their struggles. I can provide them with the support they need. I have the opportunity to help the people who are seeking higher levels of success, to achieve that success.

Cheyenne Regional is a great place for my family to receive care. We’ve (my wife and I) had three of our children here. Our other two children were born at elite well-known medical centers. I can honestly say that the level of care we received at Cheyenne Regional exceeds that of the other facilities. As far as working here, I’ve worked at a number of organizations that claim they want to be the best place to work. But here, that goal is a reality. We actually dedicate the time and resources to making it happen.”

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