The Cheyenne Regional Medical Center Volunteers of today were officially organized in May of 1993, as the United Medical Center (UMC) Auxiliary. However, the roots of the volunteer organization go much deeper!

With the consolidation of Memorial Hospital of Laramie County and DePaul Hospital in November 1992, the two volunteer organizations, Memorial Hospital Auxiliary and DePaul Guild, joined together to form the UMC Auxiliary on May 6, 1993. On November 2, 2006, the UMC Auxiliary formally voted to change their name to the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center Volunteers, to follow suit with the medical center’s name change.

The DePaul Guild was organized in 1953. At the first membership tea, 210 attendees signed as members of the Guild. At this time, six in-hospital services were developed, including the library cart and information desk. Additionally, Guild members drove their own cars for the Sisters and other patients who required transportation. The Guild’s first fundraiser was a “Game Night” at the Elk’s Club and Plains Hotel. The funds were used to purchase equipment for the Physical Therapy Department.

The Memorial Hospital Auxiliary was organized in 1961 with more than 200 charter members. The first year, six services were initiated: physical therapy escort, information desk, menu collection, nourishment cart, admissions and the junior volunteers. The first fundraiser, “Fiesta of Fall Fashions” was held in August 1961, at the building that formerly housed the American Furniture company. Proceeds were used for various hospital projects.

Over the years, many more services and fundraisers were added by both volunteer organizations.


The Cheyenne Regional Medical Center Volunteer organization currently has more than 300 members. The group provides various services, staffs a number of events and collaborates on a number of projects at both the East and West campuses.

Membership with the Cheyenne Regional Volunteers is open to any adult (over 18) or student (ages 15-18) community member who has the desire to meet, greet and serve our medical center guests. We offer a variety of opportunities to “give back” to our community by working closely with Cheyenne Regional Medical Center staff members to provide the best care in our region.

Volunteer Opportunities